Pianoduo Martijn en Stefan Blaak

The piano duo Martijn and Stefan Blaak graduated with distinction from the Messiaen Academy, the Netherlands, where they studied with Fred Oldenburg and Pierre Ruhlmann. They have won several prizes, including the Princess Christina Concours, Young Music Talent, Holland and the Concours Modern, Weimar. They received "De Voorziening", a scholarship for outstanding young musicians which enabled them to study under Ton Hartsuiker, famous interpreter of new music. The piano duo give concerts all over Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, France and Italy.
They are regularly invited to perform in international music festivals such as the Grachten Festival in Amsterdam and "La settimana d'arte di Cecina" in Italy. They performed at the music festival in Aix-en-Provence, France, which was broadcast live by Radio France. As well as giving concerts with various symphony orchestras, the piano duo Martijn and Stefan Blaak have made several radio and TV recordings for the national broadcasting companies in Holland and Germany.
The brothers Martijn and Stefan Blaak also play new pieces especially written for them by composers like David Rowland, Francis Shaw, Diderik Wagenaar and Chiel Meijering.
The  piano duo Martijn and Stefan Blaak were participants in "Début", a concert tour in which they played in all the major concert halls in the Netherlands, including The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, De Doelen, Rotterdam, Dr. Anton Philips Zaal, The Hague and the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht, where they are regular guests nowadays.
On their first CD "Stadium" they play works by a.o. Brahms, Schubert and Debussy.
Their second CD"Vesalius"contains work by Rachmaninoff, Ravel and Swerts.



Villa Stahmer, Georgsmarienhütte (DL)

MIMIK, Deventer

Muziekcentrum, Enschede